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The American Board of forensic dentistry adopted a scientific invention carried out by the assistant professor in the Faculty of Dentistry at King Saud University, Dr. Sakhr Bin Jaber Al-Qahtani, for determining human life through teeth for anyone less than 23 years old meticulously, and it has been translated into 20 languages worldwide. The invention presented by Dr. Sakhr al-Qahtani, Vice President of the Federation of Arab forensic dentists entitled (Atlas of formation and growth of teeth) is considered of the approved methods worldwide for determining the age through the use of teeth, and it gained the Australian, European, and American credits which allowed its practice in formal dealing with the judiciary and in academic teaching. Dr. Sakhr al-Qahtani said in an interview to a Saudi Press Agency: that his invention determines the age of anyone under the age of 23,....اقرأ أكثر