Tourism program for spending the most beautiful three days in Asir

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Tuesday Market – Al-Rakadi Museum – The Green Mountain - Museum of Wildlife - The silver market - picnics cloud - Al Sarwat Mountains - the popular market - cable vehicles - Rijal Almaa village - Dlqaa park – Al-Yanfaa village - Ibn Hmsan village - the silver market.

You can overlook the most prominent tourist attractions in Asir short vacation through a three-day, and through this program specially prepared for you, you will visit the most beautiful and historical heritage areas and eat the most delicious foods, and the program will include a walk in the woods to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Also, you will experience the most beautiful shopping experiences in the most famous popular markets in Asir.

The first day

of the special vacation starts in Asir by going to the Tuesday market, the most famous popular market in which you will find the region's products of honey, dates, grain, after that you will go back to the past in the Shada Palace the archaeological edifice which dazzles you geometrically with the intelligence of its building and construction, then the tour is completed by visiting Al-Rakadi Museum abounding Asiri heritage acquisitions, and to begin the adventure you  head to The Green Mountain one of the parks overlooking the city of Abha, ride a cable vehicle linking the mountains in the center of the city and enjoy the picturesque scenery, or eat a delicious meal in its restaurant with its magnificent views, do not forget before you return to pass by the visitor center as there is The Wildlife museum and beautiful view over Tihama, watch the sunset and breathe the ailing breezes of Asir.

The second day

upon arrival at the Souda, you will adore walking in the middle of juniper forests and enjoying the views of green agricultural terraces, and after inhaling the fresh air; wander in The Cloud Park which oversees Tihama with a fascinating view, do not forget also the paragliding site, where it skydiving is performed from the summit of Sarwat Mountains, which is an enjoyable experience for both practitioners and spectators, then it is a good time to visit the popular market in Souda to see the heritage exhibits and taste the popular cuisine. The spirit of adventure and the tenderness of the moist air will lead you to the cable vehicle station, at the end of the second day you will embrace the history in The Rijal Almaa village and will walk between its pathways to amuse your eyes with the brilliant arts in heritage buildings of stone which will amaze you by its colors like a nature painting.

The third day

in the morning, set off to the Parks of Alfraa and Dleghan where there is magnificent nature, the rain spray and the aura of juniper trees, not away from you are the villages and the valley of Masgi overlooking types of models of heritage construction. The most beautiful of these mud villages is Al-Yanfaa village, a mud village built on top of the highest mountains embracing the cloud and rain. From here we like to move to Al Habala which is a natural miracle of abundant water and fertile land, and in which hiking will be fun for the presence of all tourism services. After that comes up the archaeological tour to take you to one of the old forts in the city of Ahad Rafidah and its age is estimated more than three hundred years, and the heritage village of Ibn Hmsan which is a heritage complex that comprises popular heritage restaurants and the best end of your trip round is the silver market, known in the region for the sale, purchase and repair of silver pieces.

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