Wrong facts about diabetes

  • 13/09/2015 12:26
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General patients share a lot of wrong information and facts about diseases as a result of their cultural poverty and the lack of health education, resulting in detrimental effected for them in many cases and delaying cases of diabetes, plus having its complications, and from this standpoint the British Diabetes Association issued a list of such false information that can be considered superstitions shared among patients that must be corrected to increase health awareness for people with diabetes.

 - Type II diabetes disease is a mild form of the disease: this is a common mistake for some people and has no basis, as all types of diabetes can be dangerous if its levels in the blood were not controlled.

- Diabetic patients are prevented from eating sugar: which is denied by doctors, it is not advised to follow a completely free of sugar diet, but a balanced diet, a little sugar, salt and fat, with an option for the patient to have some favorite foods that contain sugar, but with a certain percentage.

 - Diabetic patients must eat food specified only for them: which are a ready-made food such as sweets and sugars and food rich in fat and calories that are sold in the diabetes section, and there is no international medical organization that recommends this, but it is always advised to have a natural fresh and balanced diet.

 - Diabetes ends with blindness: blindness may be considered a complication of diabetes, which is a key reason for it in Britain, but not necessarily all patients go blind at the end of their lives, but the complications of the disease such as eye damage can be reduced by control of glucose and lipid levels in the blood, exercise, avoiding obesity and smoking cessation.

 - It is preferred for diabetic patients not to drive cars: It is a wrong matter related to complications of diabetes and its impact on the eyes and the bad eyesight, while if the levels of the disease are under control, there is no damage to the eye and there is no danger of driving.


 - Diabetics cannot exercise: on the contrary, diabetics are advised to exercise to reduce the complications of the disease such as cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

- Diabetics are more susceptible to cold and flu: a wrong piece of information, as they are not more likely than others to the disease, and they can use the flu vaccine, to avoid the infection that could lead to the high level of glucose in the blood, and high ketonic acid ratio in patients with diabetes of the first type.

 - Patients with diabetes cannot eat mangoes, grapes, bananas: because they contain sugar apparent in the taste, on the contrary, the patient can eat fruit and lower their intake of some types which are high in sugar, even some types can be eaten frequently because they contain a high ratio of fibers and vitamins and a lower percentage of fat, which will work on protecting the patient's heart and stomach diseases and cancers.

 - Diabetic patient Should not trim his toenails: so as to avoid the incidence of diabetic foot, on the contrary, the patient must maintain the health and cleanliness of his nails, feet, and fingers, with the use of specialized scissors for nails to prevent fungal infection, and consulting a doctor if there is any inflammation in nails and feet.

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