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On 1/3/1440 H ,  for a p eriod of three days the team of the QPedia International Encyclopedia  Prof.  Galoud Bin Dekhail the general supervisor accompanied with several of well-known media and press staff as well as the famous people of social media   paid a visit to Al- Daier Bani Malik Governorate in Jazan in coordination with Professor Ahmed bin Jubran al-Maliki and Professor Yahya Sharif al-Maliki (who played a major role in facilitating the team's task and preparing this article)

Here is the report on the governorate and the visit:

Daier Bani Malik is one of  the Jazan region sixteen governorates, it is located to the east of the city of Jazan, about 150 km (43 east and 17 north). It covers an area of about 4000 km 2 and its urban is  the city of Daier, its affiliates are seven centers namely (  Al-Hasher Mountains, Al-Zaidan, Difa, Atwan, Salaf, Al -Jazba  and Al-Shagaa). It is bordered to the north by Assir and from the west by Al-Rayth and Al-'Eidabi governorates  and from the south south,   the governorate  of Fifa and the province of Alarada and the Republic of Yemen and from the east he Republic of Yemen.

The nature of the province is rugged and very steep, with numerous valleys, spectacular scenery, lush forests, dense vegetation, diverse wildlife, rich in animal wealth, (sheep ,camels and cows),It is famous for its beautiful agricultural terraces, where grain is grown, such as corn, millet and barley, and is characterized by the cultivation of bananas and famous coffee beans . Planting pineapples, guava, mangoes, oranges and tangerines has been successfully tested and the most important of its trees are juniper, thyme and olives tangerines, salsa, saplings (saplings),  Loan plant  trees , and various tropical grasses, with various varieties of medicinal plants, aromatic trees such as Kadi, Rihan and Bouytharan  and various types of aromatic plants

The most famous mountains of the province (Talan - Thahran - Othwan - Khasher - Alhashr - Arif - Shahedan - Rumih - Shuja - Azza) and the most important vallies are Wadi Damad and Wadi Deva "which were mentioned by Hamawi in the Glossary of countries and Hamdani in the discription of the Arabian Peninsula as mentioned in the monuments and poems" Wadi Juri and water is streaming out in these valleys throughout the year and have multiple types of aquatic life and on its banks, the plant environment is varied and shaded by green trees

The governorate is characterized by a moderate climate in summer, which tends to cold in winter and rainy throughout the year, especially in the summer, as it is is affected by the southwest seasonal winds. Fog covers the peaks of the mountains most of the year, which makes it more charming and splendor.

The history of the governorate  is ancient same as the ancient civilization of the south of the Arabian Peninsula, where the name of the tribe of Khawlan appeared  on the inscriptions of Thamodic, Lihian and Sabih first, and also found the name of Wadi Samad and Dva in the ancient Musnid inscriptions in various events witnessed in these places in different epochs and all the events that passed the southern Arabian Peninsula passed on the province a Until the advent of Islam. the delegation of Khawlan was  among the delegations of Arab tribes that came to the Prophet peace be upon him in Medina and believed in the ninth year of Hijra

These tribes, like other Arab tribes in the movement of the Islamic Fotouh (opening new areas under Islam) , took part in the formation of leaders, governors and cadres. Many of them moved to the Levant, Upper Egypt, the countryside of Morocco, Andalusia and southern France. They settled and contributed to the building of Islamic civilization in various fields.   And remained a member of the participation in the Islamic state and the states that ruled the south of the Arabian Peninsula throughout Islamic history until it merged in the modern era under the rule of Saudi Arabia in the reign of the founder of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, may God have mercy on him was one of the outskirts of the region of Jazan, In a new administrative organization in 1350 AH and launched its sons with sincere arms that share with their brothers the building of this precious homeland

The first center of the emirate was established in Al-Raqaba in Jabal Al-Saeed and then moved to Al-Aasha in Habs and then returned to Al-Raqaba again to settle in the village of Al-Kahbah in Jabal Al-Khalid in 1353 AH. Finally, the city of Al-Daier was established and the Emirate Center moved to it in 1389 H. to become a modern city in keeping with the accelerated development cycle. Making it bear the name of the new province at the time of the issuance of the system of regions and provinces in 1412 e named (province of Dair Bani Malik)

The population of the province is currently about 100,000 belonging to a number of tribes (Al-Khalid, Al-Sa'id, Al-Ali, Al-'Ezza, Habas, Al-Salma, Al-Yahya, Al-Zaidan, Al Nakhif, Al-Taleed, Bani Haris, Al-Sahif) All of them to the well-known Khawlan tribe. They work in agriculture, trade, grazing, private sector jobs and various government jobs

The province of Daier Bani Malik treasures the natural tourism and replete with effects that are rooted in the depths of the history of humanity and the effects of abounding with the Arabian tradition  and God blessed this area with splinded nature , soft water, beloved aroma , cool nice weather and nice breez which make your residence their a source of happiness makes you forget any worries

its prosperity and gorgeousness is increased in this  glorious era that full  of security and splendor in every art with good will and good steps under the leadership of our beloved King, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and His Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman.

Tourism has become an important productive sector, a branch of the national economy, a field of honest work and a factor in the development of governorates and centers to increase income develop human resources and contribute to the well-being of the individual and society, and a means of respecting the culture and heritage of this country. The capabilities and loyalty of the nation and loyalty to its symbols and leaders in light of the vision of the homeland 2030

Therefore, it seeks to deepen the concept of valuable tourism in the community, develop a culture of tourism work, and create an attractive tourist environment.

Tourist Elements:

First: The human being

The son of this province as his brothers from the sons of this nation is an   Arab raised  on the generosity and virility is a generous  and of  tolerant morality ethics and religion ..  Educated on the fundamentals of religion and keen on the heritage and habits of the originals, looking forward to the requirements of his modern life ambitious eager for every new and useful things.  The governorate is densely populated with an estimated population of 100,000 people scattered in the villages scattered on the tops of the mountains and valleys and the inhabitants of these villages are dominated by beautiful rural life quiet and the city of Daier one of the cultural centers of  Jazan

The tourism sector needs to recruit young people and train them in specialized institutions that serve the visitors of the governorate.

Second: Development

Modern roads were constructed and the governorate connected with the neighboring governorates and surrounding areas. Projects are being implemented and basic services such as electricity, health, banking, mobile communications and others are available. The governorate needs specialized touristic development such as  touristic facilities, gardens and parks, organizing touristic trips to archaeological sites, nature places, popular markets, historical museums, organizing exhibitions and folkloric displays that are characterized by the province and adopting slogans and advertising campaigns to show the personality of the tourist governorate and its promising development future. All this can be achieved only with the presence of an office of the National Authority for Tourism and National Heritage in this governorate, organize work, unite efforts, spread awareness, attract investment, preserve heritage and highlight the tourist face of this governorate and its neighboring provinces ... Let our slogan to be (Positive tourism practice)

Third: Nature

  1. A) Mountains and Scenes

The governorate is located in the most heavy rain spot in the Kingdom and its summer and winter rain, high mountain peaks covered with green forests of juniper trees and olive trees and different shrubs with the coolness of the delicate air breeze and fit for the trip and relaxation, while at the same time beautiful mounds on the valleys and nearby mountains in a wonderful view ... including:

Talan Mountain:

The highest peak in Jazan region rises more than 2,300 meters above sea level. It is a high mountain. It overlooks the city of Daier. It overlooks the valley of Deva and at the mountaintop, you can see the city of Daier and most of the mountains and villages in the province. Juniper forests are enveloped in fog ..., the air is warm, and the atmosphere is cool throughout the year, Mount Talan one of the geographical and touristic attractions of the governorate of Daier and it is linked to the city of Daier through very steep asphalted road. The heart in Talan is captured with charm, feelings and emotions are got gripped as well.

If you visit its peak , you will see the world without a footage

Enjoy the planets through its sky has certainly been surrounded by sureIt

Promotes its fragrance of mandarin and its branches vibrate gently

 If I left Talan, it will remain in my heart, longing for it.

Mountain of  Arif:

A high mountain extends longitudinally to the east of Al Yahya. It is of a spectacular nature that has not been reached by modern roads and is still preserved in its beauty as a natural reserve that has strengthened its resistance to height, height and uniqueness, and is full of vegetative and animal life, which is very diverse with a fair atmosphere, pure air and unrelenting water. And does not stir his silence but a sad tone or a miserable soul in the natural beauty of non-glazed

Mountains of Al – Hashr:

High green mountains, cool atmosphere throughout the year covered by juniper forests and wild olive and shrubs different where the natural landscape and beautiful resorts (such as Alashga and Yamania and Janaba and Wadi Amoud) water and greenery are available in and the beautiful atmosphere and perennial trees. The mountains of Alhashr are characterized by availability of services and easy access to the main road, which connects the city of Dair with Asir region

Mountain of  Thahran:

A high mountain and a striking geographical appearance in the middle of the valley of Diva and Hammar rooted in the depths of history and the summit of Thahran overlooking the center of Diva and a large part of the Republic of Yemen, a beautiful tourist view if the roads are available to make it easy to visit

Qern Bardan Bel-Azza

A wide geographical view and a paved road located on the edge of Jabal Al-Azza can be read by a large part of the international border with Yemen, including the basin of Wadi Samad and Mount Al-Arif in a magnificent aerial image ... The place and its present status suitable for investment

Al-Romaih in Habs Mountain:

It is characterized by natural landscapes and cool weather overlooking the valley of Deva and Sadr Damad valley, meant to enjoy the splendid natural landscape and its distinctive atmosphere.

Deva valley : famous for its clear water, lush greenery, its permanent greenery and its lush shadow, with its numerous resorts, swimming pools .( Dva Star - Dayan - Delfa)

Masheeb in Mount Khashr:

Located on the Khashr hot spring road and overlooks a number of villages and most important (Harraz - Qayyar - Valley of the fairy -Zat Al-Khelfain)

  1. B) Al-Garhan Resort:

It is characterized being near to the city of Daier, is located on the asphalted Al-Hasher road and it is suitable for all cars and easy land flat. Of its features, the waterfalls and a large and durable (Talq) tree provide shadow and leisure trips and next to a well and a "big" aromatic Kazz tree.

(C)  Mohd: a huge volcanic formation and great mountain gorge intercepts the course of the valley of the great Dammed Valley where this valley gets narrow when penetrating to the width of two to three meters and for a distance of more than a thousand meters, causing many large waterfalls and deep water depths with severe meanders and rocky formations and a variety of water and vegetation biological life . It is adjacent to the warm eye and is 2 km away and the water is clean and is very well maintained throughout the year

This wonderful nature requires paving of some roads, establishment of national parks and the preservation of these national treasures

Fourth: Wildlife:

The governorate of Daier is characterized by diverse aspects of wildlife, plant and animal diversity of the topography of the high peaks and sloping steeps and the valleys and rock formations and running water, juniper trees are spreaded, figs, wild olives (artem) and Thalah, Al-Athl, Salam, Al-Aab, Siddur, Al-Silb, Al-Shath and Al-Qaraz. This is the Tanning Tree, which are execlusive in these mountains since ancient times ,and the medicinal and aromatic trees, foliage and rare perennials, which the Supreme Commission for Protection and Development of Wildlife has sought to protect and preserve.

And live a number of endangered animals such as the Arab tiger, tusk, wolf and hyena, and many types of birds, Such as wild chicken, hippocampus, swallow, and birds of prey and migratory birds of bright colors.

Natural Beehives are spread in the caves and branches of trees in the mountain peaks and bees are raised in hives that produce natural honey, Which the governor is famous for.

Fifth: hot spring

In the Shuaib area, a very hot spring was discovered between volcanic rock formation with a temperature of 60 ° C. It is located in Wadi Damad near the international border. It is located 20 km away from Daier. It has swimming pools with a ladies section. It is fenced all around and supervised by the development and construction of Viva and Bani Malik authority. People from all regions of the Kingdom, the Arabian Gulf and Yemen visit it to recover and spend beautiful days.

We need to construct a touristic hotel and a VIP guesthouse.

Sixth: Architectural Heritage:

The province was famous for its archaeological villages (Hamriya fortresses) with its square and round stone built high towers   where the people of the province excelled in the construction of these huge towers with ten stories height in the form of great geometrical styles   shows their passion for construction and mastery of it until very recently.  These villages combine the use of housing and military as It is clear to who visited them.

There is no valley or mountain of these villages, and each tribe has a known village, the most famous of which are the villages of Qayyar, Thaher, Khattam, Khadur, Qaza, Al-Masham, Al-Musayjid, Al-Muaftah, D - Khantbah) and others

These exploits need to be protected against infringements, to show their historical and tourist importance, to preserve and restore them, and to work on the paintings and instructions to identify them.

And finally

Al-Dayer governorate is characterized by its mountainous nature, green vegetation and quiet rural life. It is a tourist attraction that is not limited to the definition of it, expansion of existing services and roads and successful investment by businessmen. The roads are paved with mountains and main villages. By means of Al-Hashr and Al-Rab'a, with its proximity to the Viva tourist mountain and easy access to the city of Jazan and the Red Sea coast.

During this visit, they met with many officials from the governorate and visited Jabal Talan Museum During this visit, he met with many men from the governorate and visited the Jabal Talan Museum for his owner Prof. Gibran Salman al-Maliki, which contains thousands of antiques. A separate report will be prepared later, God willing. The team also photographed the archaeological sites and plants that are famous for the province and recorded many meetings.

Watch the videos (here) which will be uploaded gradually in God willing.


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