History of the village of AlKhalaf, south of Sarat Abidah Governorate

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In Al-Fath a village named after its inhabitants from Bani Bishr, it is located 26 kilometers south of Sarat  Abidah governorate, with elementary and middle schools for boys and girls, and a primary care center.


The village of Al-Khalaf is estimated to be five centuries old. It was subjected to the Turkish invasion, and the famous site between them and the Turks took place. The military ruler burned the village’s houses with artillery from the eastern side. Their leader at the time. The village buildings are defensive in nature, in terms of secrecy in the roads that penetrate the village and the towers. The village of Al-Khalaf is located on a plateau surrounded by agricultural fields to the west, east and north, and to the south by a very steep mountain. Among its prominent features: -


  • Distinguishing in construction, where we find the accuracy of implementation and durability, and the ability to withstand natural factors. The viewer notices the large size of the village, the height of its buildings and its complexity, and the multiplicity of its floors at a time when the engineering tools were not as they are today.
  • The presence of streets, alleys, and long vaults that penetrate the village length and width, and these passageways penetrate the side openings to reach the light.
  • 3- The number of towers therein, or what is called (the Kasbah), which is close to twenty towers, including the circular shape and the square shape, and its length exceeds thirty meters, and these towers are used for observation and providing protection for the tribe.
  • There are two ancient mosques, the first in the north of the village (Al Matar), and the second, the castle mosque, located in the south of the village, which is built of colored stones, and covered with wood and covered with (plaster) and there is in the yard of the mosque (Al-Sowh) a water pool, and it is provided with rain water through water channels.
  • There are archaeological burials, and historical tombs, as well as (UM Khurmah cave ), which is a large cave in the form of a dome consisting of several rooms carved into the rock, and it also has carved doors, and the entrance to the cave mediates several columns of alabaster, in addition to the presence of shelves and secret stores
  • It used to hold a weekly market every Friday, and it is one of the oldest weekly markets in the Asir region, located in a large area in the middle of the village.
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