How to sleep properly and in a healthy way?

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          Sleep is one of the important things done by a humans which if done properly, you may benefit as possible of it, as sleep period is the period of rest and relaxation and getting rid of fatigue and it is the period in which the brain works on cell renewal and on maintaining its capacity and his abilities and even its renewal as the brain works while you sleep on the secretion of a hormone that helps growth and regeneration of energy. Also, if we get the proper amount of deep and proper sleep, we will be able to be vigilant and focus and work well. But we may suffer from the problem of the inability to sleep directly upon going to bed or waking up frequently during sleep or discontinuous sleep or turning a lot in order to sleep so you must learn how to sleep properly and in a healthy way.

How to sleep properly and in a healthy way?

 1. You must maintain having dinner before going to sleep at least by two hours, as the fullness of the abdomen at bedtime may cause you discomfort as well as anxiety during sleep as the speed of digestion is usually less in the evening, and therefore when eating heavy food besides the impact of those meals on sleeping, this will lead to the accumulation of fat and weight gain and the appearance of potbelly.

 2. Do not go to sleep while you feel hungry, the sense of hunger may not allow you to sleep or will make your sleep intermittently. Whenever the hunger is severe, you may wake up so you must have a snack at least before going to sleep and if you had to eat it before going to sleep by an hour, this meal is preferable to be of white meat, especially turkey, tuna, peanut, as these foods contain tratovan and this substance helps the body to produce serotonin which is a substance that helps the body to relax.

3. Keep drinking a glass of milk before you go to sleep as milk is included within the soothing drinks that help to sleep, or you can have a cup of chamomile.

4. Avoid having drinks that contain caffeine as caffeine works on making you awake for long hours and does not allow you to sleep easily, as well as tobacco products so you must not have them in the evening at least.

 5. Avoid drinking fluids before bedtime, but drink before going to sleep by an hour so as not to have to wake up during sleep to go to the bathroom, but you have to consider having your needs of water during the day well.

 6. Prepare your bed well, as after using it for a long time the mattress may become uneven or with curvatures, causing discomfort when using the bed so you should reform the mattress or change it to become more comfortable.

 7. Pillows: the used pillow must not be small but wide so that the head and neck are fully on the pillow, also it does not have to be solid. The softer and wider the pillow is the more comfortable it will become for sleeping, but beware that your shoulders are not on the pillow, only the head and neck are on it for comfort.

 8. Bedcovers or sheets: you must use suitable bedcovers according to weather as in the winter, warm blankets or ones that help to keep warmth are used so that you do not feel cold during sleep. As for in the summer use light cotton bedcovers so as not to feel too hot.

9. you should work on making the atmosphere of the bedroom comfortable and relaxing and thus sleep quietly as you always keep it tidy and organized and with comfortable colors and cozy atmosphere.

10. A warm bath may help you relax and sleep quietly for three hours at least without turning or waking up, as you are preferred to wear comfortable clothes during sleep in terms of smoothness and size.

11. Before you go to sleep, reduce the room lighting so as to prepare yourself to get ready to sleep, which will push your body to secrete hormones that work on making you feel relaxed and sleepy.

12. If you feel any kind of pain, whether as a result of chronic diseases or casual pain take the right painkiller.

 13. The proper way to sleep is considered sleeping on the right side of the body, as sleeping in this way maintains the performance of the heart`s function and job properly.

 14 One of the best things that will help you feel relaxed and psychologically, nervously and physically calm is listening to the Holy Quran before going to sleep.

          Sleep is the best means by which you can regain your vigor and energy for what it has of capability to regenerate the body and the mind and that takes a part which is not small of our lives, so you must maintain sleeping properly and in a healthy way to benefit from it as best as possible.

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