Writing controls in the encyclopedia

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1- Not to raise any topic that affects religious and national constants.

2- Not writing hadiths except with their clear chains of transmission and avoiding weak hadiths.

3- Avoid mentioning fatwas without a source.

4- Avoid spelling and typographical errors. 

5- Not to be  exposed to any person or tribe or to write about genealogies.

6-   Avoid posting topics that contain bad words.

7-   The encyclopedia rejects any topic related to profit.

8-   Ensuring the correctness of the information contained in any topic.

9-   Avoid random transfers. 

10- Mention the sources of information contained in any topic.

11-   Do not repeat comments.

12-   Be careful not to advertise except through the administration of the encyclopedia.

13-   Avoid unacceptable praise

14-   Avoid writing or transmitting any subject that contains racism, categorical or class.

15-   Be careful not to upload pictures of women or pictures and drawings that offend public taste.

16- The moderators have the right to delete any topic or entry that violates the rules of the encyclopedia. 

17- Failure to see these controls from the clerk does not absolve him of responsibility before the competent authorities.

18-   All that is  written in the encyclopedia represent personal interpretations of Writer from the principle (you write it for the world to read).