Conditions and Loss of Membership

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Conditions and Loss of Membership

 The applicant for membership in the encyclopedia must be:

 - He is eighteen years old.

 Full legal capacity. 

 Not convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, or from any party, unless he has been rehabilitated.

 - Has cultural, literary or scientific contributions, or community service activities.

 The minimum annual subscription has been paid. 


✳ Expiry and loss of membership for all categories:


 - Death

 - Withdrawal from the encyclopedia by written request.

 - If he intentionally inflicted serious damages, whether material or moral, and the assessment of this is up to the Board of Directors.

 - If he is late in paying the subscription for a period of two years after being notified by a letter to the address registered with us, and with the exception of the two cases (first and second), a decision of the board of directors shall be issued for the loss of membership.

 - The Board of Directors may restore membership to those who lost it due to non-payment of the annual subscription in the event that he paid the amount due from him from the date of his joining.

 - It is not permissible for a member, his heirs, or a person who has lost his membership to recover the subscriptions, donations or gifts that have been paid to the encyclopedia, whether in cash or in kind, for whatever reasons.

 - If the supporting body has not fulfilled its obligations towards the encyclopedia.

 - If he loses one of the conditions under which he obtained membership in the encyclopedia.

 - If the member acts in a way that would offend the encyclopedia or its objectives.

✳ Important notes:

- According to the policy of granting memberships to the encyclopedia, we warn that membership cards for women will not be attached to a personal photo and will be replaced with the ID number.


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