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West Highlands It is located over the western shield, and it formed in the third time due to the receding of the Red Sea, and reaches its peak in the south at the Yemen Plateau due to its presence in the refractive joint, and the presence of the solid plateau of the Danakel in Djibouti, which led to the barracking and direction of the north-south highlands, and the width of this belt ranges between (40 and 140) km. It is bounded on the west by the coastal plain, on the east by the plateau of Al-Jumah, then by the Hejaz plateau, then by the plateau of Asir, then by the Asir plateau, then by the Najran plateau, and these are the western plateau that surround the western highlands. The maximum height of these heights in the Kingdom is Jabal Al-Souda (3248) meters, divided on the Surat Mountains from Yemen to Al-Hada in Taif, then the Hejaz Mountains which are wider and less elevated....More

General Information

  • If an elephant dies standing, it will remain standing for a few hours before it falls to the ground.

  • The number of languages and dialects used in the world today … is 5000 language.

  • The number of lakes present in Canada solely exceeds the number of lakes present in all countries of the world combined.

  • The muscle power of a women at the age of 25 is equivalent to the muscle power of a man at the age of 65

  • The Mughal Empire (1206 - 1405) was the second largest empire in history of the world after the British Empire.

  • Al-mujadila is the only sura “section of the Koran” in which the Majesty name (Allah) was stated in all its verses.

  • The human stomach has to produce a new mucosal lining every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself.