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 The sleep disorders in children and infants is considered a phenomenon spreading by a large margin, but it appears in many different types differing from a child to another, and it may be a transient state, or repeated every now and then, or chronic ongoing state with the child. Having a sleep disorder might be associated with an emerging social status of the child such as entering school for the first time, or fear of strangers, so some cases of sleep disorders appear such as night terrors in pre-school age. In all cases the child needs support of parents, especially the mother.  Types of sleep disorders in children: - Sleeping nonsense: It is the most common type, and we can say that most of us experienced this type of sleep disorders, and it is defined as the physical and kinetic and psychological phenomena that occur during sleep, such as talking or yelling,....More

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  • The total length of blood vessels of an adult weighing 50 kg and above is approximately 100 thousand kilometers, which is enough to wrap the globe twice and a half at the equator (subhan Allah “Glorified be Allah”)

  • Popular culture is characterized by the rapid deployment between different social groups, for the ease of its assimilation, absorption, structural building and expressive ability that enables it to reflect the different patterns of human behavior, then for the continuity of its presence and its transition from one generation to another.

  • 25 is the number of prophets and apostles mentioned in Koran.

  • The oldest inhabited capital in history is Damascus in Syria.

  • The number of the world's oceans is five and they are: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean.

  • The scientific research emphasized that cigarette smoke contains more than 200 toxic substance including more than 40 cancer-causing substance.

  • Prophet Yusuf was the first person to wish death.