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  • The Archeological Villages of Al-Khulaf and Al-Khulaif

    Report on International “Qpedia” Encyclopedia and Al-Saha TV Channel to Al-Khulaf and Al-Khulaif Villages as Part of their Tour to Al-Baha City   10 – 13 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1440 AH   The Archeological Villages of Al-Khulaf and Al-Khulaif Qilwah governate in Al-Baha constitutes two of the most ancient archeological villages in the region;...The details

  • How to sleep properly and in a healthy way?

              Sleep is one of the important things done by a humans which if done properly, you may benefit as possible of it, as sleep period is the period of rest and relaxation and getting rid of fatigue and it is the period in which the brain works on cell renewal and on maintaining its capacity and his abilities and even its renewal as the brain...The details

  • Wrong facts about diabetes

    General patients share a lot of wrong information and facts about diseases as a result of their cultural poverty and the lack of health education, resulting in detrimental effected for them in many cases and delaying cases of diabetes, plus having its complications, and from this standpoint the British Diabetes Association issued a list of such false information that can be considered...The details

  • Aspirin protects against stroke .. also cancer

    The recommendations issued by an independent committee of experts in the field of medicine have pointed out that people between 50 and 59 years old are at higher risk of heart disease and stroke and they have to take a daily low-dose of aspirin.   The US Preventive Services work force, which has the support of the government, said that in addition to the prevention of heart attacks...The details

  • Rhagdan Forest

    Report on International “Qpedia” Encyclopedia and Al-Saha TV Channel Visit to Rhagdan Forest as part of their Tour to Al-Baha Region   10–13 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1440     Raghadan Forest   Raghadan forest is situated west of Al-Baha city and abounds in trees and natural vegetation. It is home to all summer events organized by Deyaar...The details

  • Saudi Arabia students reap gold medals in Belgium

    The Saudi team participating in the fifteenth World Scientific Forum 2015 AD in Belgium won accredited gold medals for the competition, where Mohammed Maashi of Jazan education won a gold medal, Abdullah Al-Enizi of Taif education won a gold medal, Yazid Al-Jammaz of Riyadh Education won a gold medal, Omar Barakati of Mecca education won a gold medal, and Mohammad Saeedi of Sabia education...The details